Designed by Pedrali R&D


On a steel base available Ø400mm Ø76mm central pillars of different materials and finishes: chrome, powder coating, brass, and a pillar of solid beech wood total height of 500-1100mm.
Maximum Usable dimension plate height is 500mm and 730mm Ø700mm and 600x600mm.
Tonda height of 1100mm is also available with footrests or rack shelf under the board. The recommended size board is Ø700mm.
Available and base Ø600mm with pole height 730mm and recommended max. Panel dimensions 1100×1100 and Ø1500mm;
Ø600mm base with a column of 1100 mm, the recommended maximum dimension plate. up to 900x900mm and Ø1300mm;
Ø550mm base with column and recommended dimensions 730mm plate to the max. 900×900 and Ø1300mm.

Depending on the model,on the base there are lugs to protect the floor,  or leveling lugs.