Work chair model WAU
Trademarks by Merryfair

Made of polymer white or black. Filling of the seat and backrest
is made of special elastic poliesterke mesh which
allows ergonomic support and breathability. Mesh
fabric is phenomenally distributed on the whole surface, so that there is no pressure at critical points.
Base of the chair is made of cast aluminum, finished with the
polished performance, custors of the chair are designed so that they can be used
on various types of substrates.

Sitting options
Back of the chair is adjustable verticaly, at the back of the chair is adjustable
lumbar support. Headrest is adjustable for height, chair has synchro mechanism, it means that the chair can be blocked in
one of the 5 positions, there is also anti-shock system to prevent hitting the back of the chair in back of user.